The Benefits

See how your role will benefit

General Management:  Using the precision of our planning tools will make your company

More profitable - Invest Sales and Marketing 'spend' where you gain the highest returns (ROI).

  • Drive value back into over-promoted categories whilst gaining market share.


Reduce under or overstocks - for you and your customers.

More sustainable and efficient - Precise promotional planning (up to 98% accurate) so less waste or logistics changes.

More effective - Achieve what you predict in your plans - grow stronger retail partnerships.

  • Faster and more robust planning - adding data driven decisions to 'gut feel'.


Sales & Trade Marketing:  Exceed your targets (every year), maximise your profits and return on investment

Promotions: AiM's Optimiser tool is as easy to use as Excel and shows you precisely what your promotional plan scenarios will produce: Volume, profit, category and retailer profitability etc.

  • Faster, simpler and more robust account planning and budgeting using the tools.
  • Sales uplift versus cost for additional feature & display can be established and factored into plans.
  • Know precisely what is required to achieve your targets and how to manage competitors.
  • Have instant predictive tools to show volume and profit at various scenarios – short term and long term.


Build even stronger retail  customer relationships by always delivering the results you say you will.

  • Have not only insights but also foresights on your customer's shoppers - become more important to the buyer.
  • Increase your category influence and get more of the 50/50 decisions - make them 60/40 your way.


Show your customers which of your products grow their category - use these to drive growth.

  • Help the buyer achieve their category targets - using your products.


Brand Marketing

Brand Equity is paramount. Measure and grow your brand equity versus your competitors.

The higher price a shopper is willing to pay for your product, the stronger your brand equity.

AiM find the optimum price (and profit) level for your current brand equity.

We identify which 'competitors' are actually impacting your sales and how strong their relationship to your product is. You decide if you need or want to react.

  • The Optimiser tool shows what price levels will 'win' versus that competitor.


Reduce over promoting - Invest to the level required to achieve commercial goals.

  • Re-invest remaining budget in equity building activity.
  • Faster, simplified and enhanced budget planning process. 


Finance: Gain transparency in trade promotional investment and returns

The AiM tools use actual historic shopper buying patterns to predict the expected results - not research.

Full and transparent financial data for each plan.

Makes the plans for various accounts comparable for investment decisions.


How to benefit

To maximise your profitability and ROI you need to know precisely how shoppers react to your products versus the competition.

  • Quite simply: Insight = Knowledge = Profit


What will the net profit gain be?

With our predictive planning tools you see the impact of any changes you plan to the: price, frequency, depth, seasonality, product choice, display and distribution within your promotional plan.

Manage the profit pool (and negotiations) for the category, the retailer and your product.