Customer Relationship

The stronger your relationship with a customer, the higher your level of influence over the category decisions.

To gain that influence you need to be able to help your customers achieve their goals / targets.

Having better information and insights along with the highest level of commercial capabilities helps the customer make better decisions for the category. 

The benefits of this influence are that you become more important to the customer and therefore get more involved in the category leadership discussions and more of the 60/40 decisions start going your way.

We help companies get the most out of their data, turning it into not just insights (what has happened) but into foresights (what will happen). In turn this moves the Supplier's Service from Bronze - Silver - Gold, moving the relationship from Transactional through to Collaborative & Influencing and on to Joint Business Planning and Leading the Category.

Our unique predictive analytics tools allow wide ranging scenario planning and 'live' P&L cash-up as you build your plan. These instant answers greatly reduce the planning time and allow you to take advantage of short term opportunities whilst being confident of the outcome / ROI.

With these inputs to the retail customer, companies of all sizes can lead the category conversation.