Trade Support

For Sales and Trade Marketing

How strong a plan do you need to achieve your annual volume and profit targets

AiM's cloud based insights and planning platform show for each item in each customer, what the optimum levels are, how deep/often to promote etc. They predict your sales based on how shoppers have bought in the past.

Your planning becomes easier, faster and more accurate.... and also more profitable. So you can plan with confidence, each model also has a built in accuracy measure which has shown models up to 98.7% accurate.



Our methods and tools are easy-to-use and practical as they have been developed at the 'sharp end' in major International FMCG companies.

The models are on-line and are designed to make it straight forward to use. The key planning tools can also be delivered in Excel so no software or specialist required.

Optimise pricing for your products and/or versus your competitors.

See how effective price mechanics are for each product.
See where to save (promote less) or invest (promote more) and how.
We will show what, when and how to promote to maximise ROI.

Our Optimiser Model instantly adjusts your volume and profit (weekly P&L) as you create (and change) your price and promotional plans.

Know what will happen – make better data backed commercial decisions to achieve your targets. Includes Price, Seasonality, Distribution, SKU elasticity/uplifts, Discounts / Terms and Promotional Effectiveness analysis.

Optimise your level of promotional spend

Our unique models show which product to promote more and which less to maximise your profits. Each model has built in accuracy measures so you can plan with confidence. Models have shown up to 98.7% accurate.

Increase your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) via trade support

Our models have shown an average of 22% increased brand profit. We are the only TPO company to offer a results guarantee.

Faster and Better Planning

Models can provide both short and long term instant answers including price, volume, profit, distribution, seasonality, etc.
Know what average price levels are required to compete versus a competitor.